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As we start the 2018 season, we will begin the 10th year of Behind the Lens and Inside the Headset. This will be our third year of live streaming of Friday night games which we call "StorkVision" sponsered by John Jones Real Estate which we are grateful for his support. Stork is totally independent, not filming or promoting just one school. Stork, and this website, stand for all the schools and wish them great success.

INSIDE THE HEADSET: This is an opportunity for each of the coaches to communicate to the fans what is going on with their team. Stork enjoys watching each coach lead young men through each season. He appreciates their time and feels lucky to catch up to them whenever possible.  He currently interviews the following High School coaches: Coach Jason Dobbs at Moore County in Lynchburg TN, Coach Thomas McDaniel at Christian Brothers in Memphis, Coach Kit Hartsfield at Blackman in Murfreesboro (Juan Jennings and David Price graduates), Philip Shadowens Blount County South of Knoxville, Coach Will Kriesky at Riverdale, Coach Kevin Creasy at Oakland (Jack Jones graduate) and Donnie Webb at Franklin.

BEHIND THE LENS: Stork’s brother Sam came up with this idea. It started off as a blog in the written form and has since progressed into a video blog. The format is simple: 3 topics…First 2 topics are a little about life and then the last topic is the wrap up in which he usually tells you where he will be that Friday Night or how to catch up with him. It's your quick weekly fix on game day during the season.

HISTORY: It all started in 1998 when Scott (Stork) Montgomery's son Tyler began playing football for the Smyrna Youth Football League. At that time, the games were being announced by whomever would grab the microphone. Stork, seeing the need, jumped at the chance and began running the Public Address System for all games. Jeff Childs was the president of the League and let Stork have reins. He was asked to be the official announcer for the Mid State Youth Football Championship from 1998 to 2002.

At start of the 2001 season Stork started filming every game he announced (and still does). Daniel Childs, Jeff’s son, was beginning his senior season in 2001. Jeff talked heavily to Stork about wanting Daniel to play football at the next level. He had seen Stork put together highlight videos for his son’s team and asked about the difficulty of making one video on him. The answer was "no problem." Daniel was the first of many to follow.

In 2002 Stork set a record for the most football games called in a single season, at it still stands today at 71 games. Players who have benefited from the Stork crafting their talents and including being on this website have gone on to well-known colleges such as Navy, Virginia Tech, Tenessee State, Middle Tennessee State University, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and Maryland.   Other colleges include Rhodes, UT Martin, Eastern Kentucky University, Brown, Princeton, Cason-Newman, Cumberland, Holmes Community, Lambuth, Maryville, Itawamba Community, and Tusculum. Click HERE to read a feature article on The Stork from The Tennessean from back in 2004. He has also filmed and announced the amateur teams.

Stork is not a recruiting analyst, but a videographer whose focus is to put high school athletes in position of being viewed by college coaches in order to play at the next level regardless of sport (football being the main focus). The library of games he has either combo announced/filmed or just filmed consists of over 700 videos. (I know it's over 700, but I haven't organized them). He has attended and filmed several combines. You name it and he has filmed it weddings, public speakers, bands, million dollar hole in one golf shots, fiddling contest, boxing matches and baseball games.  Countless videos centered on the communications industry are also included in his collection.

He is relentless in his effort to promote a gifted person. Whether it's a college coach or a recruiting analyst such as Scott Kennedy or Jamie Newburg, they recognize and know his dedication to making it happen when he pushes the Record button. High School coaches always pay high compliments to his Friday night work.

Stork is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BA in Public Relations and a Minor in Media Sales. Stork has so many to thank that helps support his passion. Many years ago Stork established business cards which had one slogan: "A MAN WHO TRULY DELIVERS" (this is when he was scalping tickets and parking cars at the Hyatt) to this day he strives to that live up to that promise. His friends will tell you "He does all he can to let you know what's happening with "THE STORK".

Thanks for your support.

Sam is also the Webmaster for Sonny Gray The main focus of this website is to gather all current information for people to learn and to get to know Sonny. His drive, determination, motivation, communication and competitive spirit to his school, teammates and God help us to help him. Everyone who Sonny fully understands that he is a true competitor. ...Thanks Sam for taking on this responsibility.

Stork focuses to be the best husband to his wife Judy and the best dad to his children Tyler and Spencer. If you contact Stork beware... you might be in for a long call...his passion and vision can ramble for hours. It's always an adventure when you run with this bird.. Questions?  Email Stork at or (615) 812-5999 or follow me on Twitter @StorkMontgomery.